Friday, October 7, 2011

What happened to true people of faith?

Whatever happened to true people of faith? Our country professes to be one that follows Christian ethics, yet the poor, disadvantaged, society's "rejects," and people that are not of the proper socioeconomic mix (Caucasian, Christian, and Anglo-Saxon) are not considered important to many of those who follow traditional Christian religions (and "religiously" attend church every Sunday.) Click here to read a post by a pastor who really "tells it like it is" regarding the religious right and what is happening in the right wing of politics in collusion with the Christian Evangelical Right in America.

Those of us who profess to be true followers of Jesus Christ should really take the time to read what he said in the New Testament of the Bible. This country has become profit-centered, rich-centered, and me-first-centered (witness everyone walking with their heads down, looking at their phone, oblivious to their surroundings.)

While we are busy spending billions overseas on wars of dubious value to either the country that we are "protecting," we are rapidly becoming an extremely polarized society with the rich at the top, happily raking in profits, and the rest of us are at the bottom, barely able to survive in this "new economy." And those in our country's right-wing party would have us go back further in time to an era when old people died early (no income, no health care) and the poor went away quickly to their demise. Hungry people ate boiled shoe leather and people regularly got sick from unregulated pollution from factories and poisoning from unhealthy food.

Yet -- our "upright Christian" right-wingers believe that the poor should remain that way, that everyone can get a job (so they say,) the American Dream is only accessible to those who are on the "right side" of God -- i.e., no "lazy welfare poor," no ex-prisoners, no "rejects of society," no aged or sick. As they would say, "God helps those who help themselves." That's not what Jesus said -- he said to "feed my sheep." He didn't specify which ones.

The right-wing led House of Representatives is busy plotting their strategies for taking away more benefits and rights of those who live in this great country called the United States of America. I'm sure that many of them go to church on Sunday and feel justified in their actions. To understand this mind-set better, click on this link to read Stan Moody's post on the failing of the right-wing Evangelical religious in helping those less fortunate then themselves.