Monday, June 6, 2011

A very good blog to follow

I recommend following this blog:, an excellent forum on what's wrong with our current leadership and the current Congress (and the puppet masters on Wall Street that are controlling them both!)

I really wanted to believe that 2008 was going to be the start of a new, progressive era -- when change to our country would come -- change in our energy policy of sucking up all the resources we can; change in our employment policy where we reward companies that "offshore" our jobs, thereby eliminating good American jobs in the interest of costs; change in our goal of being "the world's policeman" by bringing our troops home and starting to take care of our people first. The list could go on and on ... I have joined the disenchanted people who don't see much chance for significant change in this administration in Washington. We're still at war, spending billions -- for what? Our security? Do you feel more secure now than you did before 9/11/2001? The House of Representatives will continue to obfuscate any kind of change introduced by the minority party (and the party of leadership in the White House.) If fact, Congress is silently working at taking away some of the most important social protections that we have today, in the interest of "reducing the debt" -- Medicare, food assistance for the poor, unemployment benefits, and perhaps even Social Security. What they don't change, the conservative-biased Supreme Court will help overturn, such as the decision to declare a corporation as a "person" for means of controlling political donations (and of course, power.)

What in the hell is going on with this country? Why aren't the people rising up against what is going on? And yet, you'll see the Sarah Palin "One Nation" bus tour getting headlines -- does anyone know what she stands for, really? Why are we a nation of "haves" and "have nots?" Where did the middle class go?

As a nation, many are collectively burying their heads (or minds) in their smart phone, Wii console, or other entertainment and blissfully unaware of the tidal wave of change coming over this country. We will be a second-class nation soon, with China dictating the economic fate of the world, and perhaps even the military one. It is time to get involved, and turn this tide around.